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We are always changing things up, adding new things we find, so this list isn't all of it. Check us out to see what's come in!



Plastic Popcorn Tubs

You can use these over and over again. Just rinse them out and refill. Comes in three sizes for the whole family, nice opening that fits your fist perfectly. Better yet, when you put the seasoning and butter over the popcorn, it doesn't get absorbed by the paper and you can scoop up every last bit.


Popcorn Tins!

HOLIDAY POPCORN TINS ARE HERE!  We have them in 4 sizes and multiple designs. Prices range from $10 to $53.99. Most can hold up to 3 flavors. Call for information or to place an order. All tins are on display in our store as well.

Whirley Pop Popper
This is the stovetop popper everyone is excited about. A hand crank keeps the corn and oil moving and the popcorn turns out perfect every batch. One of our 4 oz portion packets makes exactly the right amount to fill the kettle. Home popped, very simple.


Open Fire Popper
For camping or a firepit in your back yard, this is a very cool gizmo. Put in the corn and oil and shake over an open flame until it's all popped. The kettle is Teflon and the lid is aluminum and hinged for easy empyting and it has an adjustable telescoping handle. How is that for a night outdoors?


Rental Machines

Uncle Bob's has Popcorn Poppers, Sno-Cone machines, and Cotton Candy machines for rent. The cost is $35 per day. Supplies are extra and are shown on the other pages on this site. We require a Visa or Mastercard credit card to reserve the machine (you can pay differently at pickup) and all is due at pickup. Call to get on our calendar cause these machines rent out quickly!