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We often have more flavors than are listed here, so check in to see what's new!



This is Uncle Bob's signature flavor. It's strong, spicy, and all about Arizona. Since it makes an addict of anyone who tries it, we know we'll be seeing a lot of you.  Consider that a challenge!


Double Cheese

A brilliant mistake! Amanda accidentally added Cheddar Cheese to already made White Cheddar Popcorn and BANG!! The most intense cheese sensation in the world! One of our top sellers. If you REALLY love cheese, this is for you.


Fiesta Mix!
A Tucson oldie but goodie! This is one of the original Uncle Bob's mixes from long ago. Cheese, Jalapeno, and Butter & Salt. If you're scared to try the Jalapeno, this is a good starting point before you go completely to the other side!


Black Cherry

A very dark, almost black colored popcorn with a really smooth, flavor of dark cherries It's become a runaway hit!  Did I mention that it turns your mouth black?


Butter & Salt

Good 'ol regular popcorn with a little butter and salt flavor. Add a bit of zing by mixing it with our Cheese or Jalapeno flavors. * 10 lb bag not available to ship.


Green Apple
Tastes like a Green Apple Jolly Rancher candy! Very tasty and great when combined with Caramel or Cinnamon popcorn.


The definition of comfort food. Like mac 'n cheese in a popcorn bag.


White Cheddar
We'd call this "cheese light" for those who like a little less intensity. Great flavor, just less in your face.


Kettle Glaze

If Caramel is too sweet, then Kettle Glaze is for you. It's sweet and salty with a mix of sugar covered popcorn with plain. Great when mixed with Jalapeno for an unusual combo!  C'mon, branch out!


Our Caramel popcorn is nothing but butter, brown sugar, a secret ingredient, and Amanda-Magic (she's the popcorn chef). All natural and can't be beat. Awesome when mixed with the Cheese or Jalapeno popcorn.


Kettle Corn

The difference between the Kettle Corn and the Kettle Glaze is that the Kettle Corn is ALL sweet, kinda like if you picked all the sweet kernels out of the Kettle Glaze (a mixture of the sweet kernels and plain).  Also, the only difference between the Kettle Corn and Caramel is that one is white sugar and one is brown sugar. More trivia to store in your brain!


Hot!! Cinnamon
This is a HOT Cinnamon flavor that has a burn to it. Kind of like the Hot Tamale Cinnamon candies. You'll either love it or hate it, nothing in-between.


Our Cinnamon Popcorn tastes like a red hot candy-flavored popcorn. A sugar glaze with Cinnamon added to it. Great for holidays.


Blueberry popcorn tastes like a blueberry muffin. Made by applying a sugar and butter glaze then blueberry flavoring. Really yummy.


Pop on the Cob
This is a fun alternative to traditional popping. Pop on the cob in the microwave and watch the kernels fly! Each cob makes about a quart of popped corn. One of those things a lot of people haven't seen before, which makes it even cooler.


Popcorn Mixology

Why would you limit your popcorn choices when you could mix 'em together? A lot of our customers like special blends, so don't hesitate to ask for your popcorn to be mixed if you have flavors you like together.  The most popular ones: Jalapeno/Double Cheese, Caramel/Cheese, Caramel/Jalapeno, Green Apple/Black Cherry, Jalapeno/Salt & Vinegar. C'mon - GET CRAZY!!

Bulk Flavors

All the time folks ask if they can have giant bags of particular flavors - YES!!  The cost is based on how much you want and what flavor. Call and we'll give you the price when we figure out how much you need. We promise not to ask whether the bag is really just for you......