Popcorn Supplies

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We have more items than are listed here, so don't hesitate to call if you don't see something!


Yellow Popcorn Seed

Yellow popcorn seed is what most people are accustomed to having at the movies or at home. We make all our flavors with this yellow popcorn seed. If you buy a 7 lb jar we will refill it for a dollar less when you bring it in!   ( *Not shipping 50 lb bags at this time.)


White Popcorn Seed

White popcorn pops up smaller than yellow with less of a hull. It also has a nuttier taste, distinctive from the yellow popcorn. Often popped in different oils like Olive Oil or Sesame Oil. If you buy a 7 lb jar, we will refill it for a dollar less when you bring it in. Now how can you beat that?


Pre-measured popcorn packs
If you have your own machine or just want someone else to do the assembling and measuring, these are for you. Just cut open the top and pour in the coconut oil, kernels, and butter salt. All in perfect proportion. One 8 oz portion pack makes 32 cups, or fills 8 of the 1 ounce bags. A 4 oz portion pack makes half that amount.


Bags - Paper Sleeves 1.0 oz
Each bag holds 1 ounce by weight of popcorn which is about 4 cups. Therefore, our 2 lb bag of Butter & Salt popcorn fills 32 of these bags.


Bags - Paper Sleeves 1.5 oz
: Holds 1.5 ounces of popcorn, which is about 6 cups of the Butter & Salt. From our 2 lb bag you could fill 26 of these.


Oil - Canola

This canola oil is made specially for popping corn. It has a butter flavor built in. * We do not ship the 50 lb containers.


Oil - Coconut

Coconut oil has a wonderfully buttery taste for popping corn. Higher in the bad stuff than canola oil, but sometimes you gotta splurge.


Coconut Oil Packets

These packets are a great way to experiment and see if you like popping in coconut oil. It has a rich, buttery taste and for each packet you would use 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels.


Flavor Shakers
For those who like to doctor up their own popcorn, these flavors are awesome. They also taste great on non-popcorn foods!


White Cheddar 
Sr Cream Chive 
Cajun Kick! 

Popcorn Boxes


Popcorn Tubs


Popcorn Machine Rental

Uncle Bob's has Popcorn Poppers rent for $35 per day. Supplies are extra and are shown on the other pages on this site. We require a Visa or Mastercard credit card to reserve the machine (you can pay differently at pickup) and all is due at pickup. Call to get on our calendar cause these machines rent out quickly!