Uncle Bob’s Story Time

In 1963 at a Food Giant near 1st and Wetmore there was a little kiosk where a gentleman sold popcorn and cotton candy. It was purchased that year by Maryanne Miles’ father, a former Hughes Aircraft mechanic. He built the business up and after some health issues, turned it over to Maryanne. She continued to build Uncle Bob’s Popcorn to what most of us remember and know now. Some of the machinery her dad designed is still in use today. The popcorn began to show up everywhere and was even featured on the Uncle Bob’s TV show in the 70s. Maryanne sold the business in 1986 when it was located over near Grant & Country Club. The current location on Columbus Boulevard was built in 1987-8 and it has been here ever since. Uncle Bob’s Popcorn is a Tucson original that is built into the fabric of everyone who grew up here and we hope it continues to thrive for generations to come.

Tucson Rodeo

For many years our popcorn has been a part of La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros rodeo. This huge, annual, Tucson event began in 1925 and is as famous for its parade as for the rodeo. The Rodeo Parade is the largest parade in the country without any motorized vehicles. Just feet and hooves. If you’ve been in the stands at the rodeo or along the parade eating popcorn, it probably came from Uncle Bob’s.


The Uncle Bob’s Children’s TV Show

From 1961 to 1979 “Uncle” Bob Love hosted a local children’s television show in Tucson. For many, their first introduction to Uncle Bob’s Popcorn was from this widely watched television show. Our popcorn was advertised there. The fact that we had the same name was just pure serendipity. If you were on that show, you’re a star.

Popping corn in Tucson since 1963

Uncle Bob’s Popcorn was started in 1963. Tucson was much more of a sleepy cow town than it is today. The machines used for popping have changed a lot since then too. We started out with just regular old butter and salt flavor and over time added many more!

University of Arizona

Yup, our school rocks.

Wildcats rule and our popcorn is there.

In the stands, at the games, and all manner of events. ‘Nuf said.


Uncle Bob’s Popcorn Today

Today Uncle Bob’s is a place to get great, local, fresh popcorn and step back into a different time. We pop, flavor, and bag everything at our store the old fashioned way.  Folks  who have been coming to Uncle Bob’s since they were kids are now bringing their grandkids.